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  • Where and how can I take possession of the vehicle?
    The rental Pinzgauers await you in Azrou in Morocco during the period we offer the stays. You can join us by plane at Fez airport. From there, a taxi will be chartered to take you to the starting point and bring you back once the stay is over. We are here to help you find the best way to reach us.
  • How are rental vehicles equipped?
    The rental vehicles are Pinzgauers. These are 6x6s that you can drive with a simple B license. The vehicles are almost 50 years old and have been completely restored and then adapted to travel for 4 people and sleep inside for 2 people. They have a 160L water tank with a water heater, a sink and an outdoor shower outlet. The 3600Wh battery offers excellent electric autonomy.
  • Which vehicles to travel to Morocco with AVS Aventure?
    We accept all off-road vehicles as long as they are capable of driving in sand and on moderately difficult tracks. Note that if you come with your vehicle you manage your sleeping arrangements and your toilet.
  • What range should my vehicle have?
    We travel on side roads and sometimes there are no supplies. For fuel a range of 300 km is necessary, the ideal is 400 km. You must be able to bivouac for 3 days with your water reserve.
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