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The AVS Aventure team

For Badia, Morocco is much more than a country, it is a world of diversity and cultural wealth to discover.
Fascinated by the varied landscapes, local crafts, the warm welcome and kindness of the inhabitants, she always wanted to share this facet of her native country with others. His deep desire to discover the beauty and authenticity of Morocco is at the heart of AVS Aventure's mission.


For François, adventure and exploration are in his DNA. After having made a limitless travel vehicle - a Pinzgauer equipped with a cell - to explore the
Scandinavia in the middle of winter, he discovered a new passion for traveling to Morocco with Badia. Fascinated by the Pinzgauer's ability to tackle all terrains and climates while providing remarkable living comfort, he was inspired to share this experience with others. His desire for total freedom, authentic encounters and discoveries outside the
The beaten paths are the driving forces behind AVS Aventure’s travel philosophy.


Moments de partage
Badia (logistics)

By combining love for Morocco, technical expertise and passion for adventure, it is with the help of a qualified Moroccan guide and an excellent cook that we offer a unique and unforgettable travel experience. which celebrates the diversity and beauty of the country.

François (mecha)
Mohamed (guide)
Said (cook)

The rest of the team

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